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General Information

The formal Occupational First Aid Level 2/3 Instructor training is at least 70 hrs in length and will have at least 5 candidates.


To be an instructor of an OFA Level 2 or Level 3 or equivalent course, a candidate must:
  • Hold a valid OFA Level 2, Level 3 or equivalent first aid certificate or a current emergency pre-hospital care attendant certificate or license (course consisting of 70 hours or more) and have held it for at least the preceding four years
  • Participate in a complete OFA Level 3 or, a complete OFA Level 3 equivalent course and successfully complete the examination, not more than 6 months prior to participating in the initial instructor training process
  • Achieve 85% or greater on each part of the OFA Level 3 or equivalent examination.
Prior to an agency issuing instructor certification authorizing the instructor to start instructing on their own, all candidates must be assessed for competency.
For initial OFA Level 3 or equivalent instructor certifications, the competency assessment must be an in-
class observation of a minimum of 14 hours (4 lessons) of instruction or longer.
This assessment should include at least one review lesson.
Where practicable, the review lesson selected for observation should be at or near the end of the course.
The first 7 hours (two lessons) of the course must be observed. If the instructor is deemed competent after the first 7 hours of the course, the instructor may continue instructing the course.
All competency assessments must include a review of the instructors standards of performance at OFA 2 and OFA 3 or equivalent examinations and feedback from students and agency staff.
All candidates will receive the most current Instructional books and binders, which includes OFA L2, OFA L3 and OFA L3 Renewal Instructor Guides.
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