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FoodSafe Level 1

General Information

The Level 1 course is for food service front-line workers such as buspersons, servers, dishwashers, and cooks. Level 1 is usually delivered in a one day format (8 hours). If you take this course in British Columbia and pass the final exam, you will be registered in the BC Centre for Disease Control database and you will receive a FOODSAFE certificate.

Designed to:

  • create awareness of foodborne illness and worker safety.
  • to reduce the possibility of food related illness.
  • share the importance of safe work habits in the food industry.

    Food Safety

Who should take this course?

The BC Health Act: Food Premises Regulation, Part 3, Division 2 - Training, Foodsafe Training 10 states that:

1) Every operator of a food service establishment must hold a certificate, issued by a health official, for the successful completion of the food handler training program known as FOODSAFE or its equivalent.

2) Every operator of a food service establishment must ensure that, while the operator is absent from the food service establishment, at least one employee present in the establishment holds the certificate referred to in subsection (1).

This means that it is not required by the BC regulation that you have a FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate, in order to work as a server. However, some employers require that all their employees have a Level 1 certificate. Also, it is an advantage to have your certificate when applying for jobs.

The FOODSAFE Level 1 course is about preventing the transmission of foodborne illness. FoodSafe is also about worker safety on the job. People who prepare, serve and clean up food should take this course. It will be for the safety of the customers and also for their own safety.

To add to your training, Occupational First Aid Level 1 would be highly recommended.

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