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Wound Care addition for OFA L2/3 Attendants

Great to have a first aid kit - but How to use all the stuff?

Since the Introduction of the new and improved Occupational First Aid Level 2 and 3 courses in July 2018, a lot of wound care practice has been taken out of the program.

This 3-4 hour addition to the OFA L2 or 3 will be used to familiarize and practice with all dressing station tools. It will make every OFA L2/3 Attendant feel ready to treat a whole lot more minor injuries, and less patients will have to be referred to Medical Aid because of it.

Some of the Wounds we would practice are:

Subungual Hematoma or blood under the nail can easily be removed, we will go over how to assess and treat.

subungual hematoma

subungual hematoma

tubular gauze applicator

tubular gauze applicator

The Tubular gauze would be used to cover bigger wounds on a finger, like a deep cut or when you add a tongue depressor it could be used to splint a finger.

tubular gauze


Steristrips and wound closures are used to close minor gaping wounds. Any wounds on the face should not be closed but referred to Medical Aid.


Wound Closures



Frozen Toes

Frozen Toes - might not look too bad, but can be extremely painful, will go over assessing, how to proceed and how to bandage for transport to Medical Aid.

These are some of the fun things we will actually get to practice, if time permits, we will go over a lot more.

Examples of what more - fish hook removal and treatment, puncture wound, blister care, burn kits, splinter removal kits etc.

fingertip bandage

If you would like to purchase some of these tools to add to your kit, please visit our shop at

A download for the OFA L2 and L3 book can be found on the description page. For OFA L2 use this link, for OFA L3 please use this one.



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