First Aid Training and Services for the Fraser Valley

We have Emergency Medical Responders/First Responders 3/OFA L3 First Aid Attendants with CPR for all ages for sport and special events. All our Emergency Medical Responders are now certified to use Naloxone (Narcan) as part of their first aid protocols.

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WorkSafeBC OFA L1/TE Upgrade 2018 Abbotsford

What is happening?
WorkSafeBC Certification Services will be posting the OFA L1 & TE instructor update workshop on the extranet April 15, 2018. The update workshop will provide instructors an opportunity to learn about the changes to the OFA courses. This will address gaps between the existing program and the revised OFA program. Participants will have an opportunity to practice, ask questions and gain the knowledge required to facilitate the revised OFA program.

WorkSafeBC OFA L1/TE Upgrade 2018 Abbotsford - deadline?

The start date for all  the new OFA courses is July 01, 2018. It is therefor mandatory that all instructors receive updates prior to release date. If Instructors are not receiving the update training by July 1st, they will not be authorized to teach any WorkSafeBC OFA programs. Making sure that Instructors take the appropriate upgrade will allow them to teach again. For those Instructor’s that have attended one of the OFA 3 update workshops, there is no need to take an additional OFA 1/TE update workshop.

How does this affect you?

All OFA Instructors will have to be updated on the revised instructional materials. This also includes instruction on additional equipment and the new format for the OFA 1, 2, 3 and TE courses.


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