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Accident Simulation, Red Cross, WorkSafeBC, Instructor Programs


Our company was established in 2002. It has been responsible for providing outstanding First Aid programs ever since. Our specialty is in the areas of First Aid Training, First Aid Services.

We also offer Occupational Health and Safety Programs and Accident Simulation.



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Accident Simulation, Red Cross, WorkSafeBC, Instructor Programs

Located in Abbotsford on 2825 Clearbrook Road in the Garden Park Tower. We are in unit 212.

About the Director – she started in the first aid world as an attendant back in 1985. She has been an Accident Simulation (Instructor) since 1992. Be Prepared offers (Instructor) Programs for all Red Cross courses. Being more specific, that means Basic CPR courses to more advanced courses like First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder. you will be able to take all Occupational (Instructor) WorkSafeBC programs, like OFA L1, OFA L2 and OFA L3 and Transportation Endorsement (not available to take anymore).

We are sharing our passion for first aid related topics with you. You learn in a very low key environment. People like this approach! It proves to be less stressful. You will retain skills learned a lot better.

For the more advanced programs we like to use Accident Simulation. This will make it more realistic for people to practice their new skills. When you take your First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder course you will benefit the most from this Simulation. Because you will see real wounds, your reaction and care for them will improve, so overall your real patients will benefit! The use of props and make-up makes for more fun to reenacting scenarios.

We will focus in the Instructor Schools on Accident Simulation as well as it makes for a better learning result.

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