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BC EMA EMR Licensing Practise session Abbotsford


This practice session is intended for those that want to freshen up on their skills and anyone that is getting ready for their BC EMA EMR Licensing exam.

There will be skills stations for sagar splint, rolls and scenarios will include both trauma and medical calls which includes a review of pharmacology.

To make sure we can take as much out of this practice as possible, we would require everyone to be on time. Please have your materials reviewed before coming to this practice session.

Please email us before the session of anything specific you would like to work on, so we can prepare for that. You can send your requests and any other questions to

This program will be scheduled when needed to help accommodate upcoming session for BC EMA Licensing. Please contact us via email or our contact formBC EMA EMR Licensing Practise session in Abbotsford

We have helped many students achieve success at their exams after coming for a practice session(s). We also allow former students to come and practise with any FR/EMR courses that we have running. This will help to keep your skills current.

Please check out upcoming programs:

If you re looking to actively apply skills learned, with or without your license, please email us. We are always looking for qualified help for upcoming first aid events.


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