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Red Cross Marine Advanced First Aid

General Information

This is a minimum 31 hr instructional program with comprehensive first aid and CPR techniques and scenarios for those who need a higher level of training to work and respond to emergencies in a marine setting.

Course meets the requirements of Transport Canada outlined in Transport Publication (TP) 13008 E. Designed for any person who wants to obtain a Masters or Officers certificate or endorsement, or those that are designated to provide first aid on board a vessel engaged on coastal voyage, class one or unlimited voyage. Covers advanced first aid techniques in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR/AED level BLS (formally called HCP), sudden medical emergencies, oxygen administration, and injuries to the head and/or spine.

At Be Prepared, we are scheduling this course over 40 hrs and gives you a First Responder certificate and will more then qualify you for the Marine Advanced needs. At the end of the course you can go through a licensing exam and after applying for free online at BC EMA Licensing and go through and online written exam. Once passed, you will get your FR EMA License and you can then apply for an OFA L2 certificate (no class time needed).

We are only scheduling the full First Responder courses, so please follow the link below if you need your Red Cross Marine Advanced First Aid program, it is accepted by Transport Canada as it exceeds the MAFA course curriculum.

Please register for the First Responder course to book this.

Please make sure to contact us for any questions relating to this process.


Participants must have a Transport Canada issued Candidate Document Number (CDN).

Certification for Marine Advanced First Aid

  • Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate the Marine Advanced First Aid skills
  • Ability to complete a knowledge evaluation with a minimum mark of 80%
  • Must meet additional legislative requirements, if applicable
  • Participants must attend and participate in 100% of the course
  • Instructors can facilitate the knowledge evaluation as legislation dictates and/or as participants require
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Your BLS CPR ticket is valid for 1 year, but does not effect the length of your first aid ticket.
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