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Red Cross First Responder


General Information

Red Cross First Responder program is your first step in getting hired by a BC Fire Department.

Red Cross First Responder course is a 74 hour blend of independent study and instructor guided learning. The 44 hour classroom work is structured to train students to work as members of the EMS community through lecture and lab practice.

This program is recognized nationally by many other designations (Environment Canada, Fire Departments, Athletic Therapy, Canadian Coast Guard, Department of National Defence) as the entry-level program for the pre-hospital profession.
Red Cross First Responders provide a service in an environment requiring special skills, knowledge and serves as liaisons with other emergency services.

Who is hiring??

Red Cross First Responder has been approved by the B.C. Emergency Medical Attendant Licensing Board (EMALB) for First-Responder level 3 licensing (Schedule 2). This course includes CPR-BLS, AED, and Spinal Management.
All successful candidates have the option to be examined for 'EMA FR' licensing including AED and spinal endorsements at the end of the course. There are no extra costs for that.


Licensing information Schedule 3 First Responders

Applying for an Initial First Responder Licence in British Columbia

A first responder licence is valid for three years. There are no fees required for a first responder licence.

To apply for your licence, follow these steps:

  1. Successfully complete a recognized training program and the Board exams. Red Cross First Responder is recognized.
  2. Once training and practical exams are complete, your evaluator submits your program certificate and course results to
  3. Successfully complete the EMA Licensing Board online EMA FR written exam.
  4. Complete and electronically submit an application for licence form.
  5. Undergo a criminal record check within 3 months of the licence application

First Responder Licence Renewals (BC)

First responder licences are valid for three years and must be renewed before it expires. If your licence has expired, please refer to the EMALB - 2016-06 Reinstatement policy below. Please see the First Responder Licence Renewal FAQ for more information.

  1. Successfully complete the EMA Licensing Board online EMA FR written exam.
    • A licensee has 3 attempts to successfully complete online written exam.
    • After the exam is complete, If an EMA FR did not successfully complete the online exam in the three attempts provided, the licensee must then successfully complete an EMA FR recognized training program and the Board approved exams to renew their licence.
  2. Complete and electronically submit an application for licence renewal form.

Applying for an Online Examination

1. How to obtain a BCeID

  • A BCeID is required to access the online exam system. If you do not already have a BCeID, click on the link and register for a Basic BCeIDPlease use only lowercase characters in your BCeID username. (If you already have a BCeID and password you may skip this step.)

2. How to Request your exam

  • Once you have obtained your BCeID, you need to Request Access to the exam system by logging in using your BCeID, and creating an account for the exam system.
    • To create an account, please fill out the account form on the right-hand side of the screen and submit. A request for access will then be emailed to the branch for review and a copy will be sent to you for your records.

The exam coordinator will review your information and grant you access to the exam within two weeks of the request.

Red Cross First Responder

***After completion of the First Responders program students can continue with the EMR Upgrade program. This will give you a better chance in getting hired by any of the local Fire Halls. If the dates would not work right away, students can come to a later date.***


Red Cross First Responder ticket is valid for 3 years.

EMALB FR(3) License is valid for 3 years.

Red Cross First Responder

With your FR License you can now also apply for an OFA L2 Unrestricted ticket.



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